A portrait photo session with me is a customized session just for you from end to end. Contemporary Portraiture is basically a photo session designed for the everyday women and to help remind you just how wonderfully and beautifully created you are.  We forget from day to day, to take care of us, life is just so busy that way. Whether it's your professional career that keep you rushing all day long, your mom duties where you selfishlessly give of  yourself 24-7 in the most loving way possible, you're a care giver for someone else, or your own insecurities won't let you see the real you, this time you give yourself to relax, breathe, unwind and connect with your beautiful self is priceless.

To help prepare for the session, we will meet and go over all the details, from how you would like to be photographed, how to choose your wardrobe and accessories, as well as what to do before you come to the studio. Your session begins with professional hair & makeup by a professional artist. Together we will go through the items from your wardrobe and choose the  pieces that will make you look amazing. During your photo session, I will direct you in a variety of poses to capture the beauty that is truly you! This is a relaxing day where you get to enjoy being pampered. 

While the primary client is women, I also welcome and enjoy including other special people in your life to be photographed with you or have a session all their own. After all, it's my job to create for you images that you will love, with those you love, if that's what you wish. This is for you. Just for you.


Whether it's a personal image for your website or the back of your business card, I can work with you to create images that best represent you. This can be for any type of business. With the internet being the channel through which most people communicate, it's important these days to express yourself so your target audience knows who you are and what you do. You can say that with images either taken in studio or in your location. We work together to design the session and create the image you want to show your customers and clients.

Session Pricing

Photo sessions are an investment of $250. The session includes complimentary hair and makeup provided by a Hair and Makeup Artist. A portrait session lasts about 1-2 hours, and also allows 2-3 change of outfits. We will discuss wardrobe at an initial consultation about the session and if needed you should choose from our studio wardrobe as one of your selections. After your portrait session, we will schedule another appointment to review your portraits, at which time you can make your purchase of your most favorite images. Portrait print pricing is available upon request.